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Caribbean Island of The Grenadines


The Grenadines are small islands in the Caribbean located between the larger Caribbean islands of Grenada and St. Vincent.  The islands are famed for their small size and remote locations which offers lots of privacy usually seen only in the tiny cays of the Bahamas.  In fact, musician David Bowie and Mick Jagger both maintain residence in the Grenadines, as do many other celebrities.

The Carib tribes were able to hold off the Europeans for a considerable amount of time before they were driven out which made the Grenadines and its neighboring St. Vincent one of the last islands in the Caribbean not to have a European settlement.  The Grenadines achieved their independence in the late 1970s along with St. Vincent.  The eruption of Mount Soufrière that same year and Hurricane Allen’s arrival the following year put the Grenadines in an economic bind of sorts which lead the nation to explore additional means of staying economically afloat, a decision which lead the Grenadines to focus on tourism.

Today the many islands of the Grenadines like Savan, Petite Mustique, the Tobago Cays and Palm Island are known for their privacy and their tourism which, despite the Grenadines’ longstanding history, is still in its relative infancy.  St. Vincent and Grenada remain the larger islands with a greater variety of sights and shopping while the smaller Grenadines are known mostly for the quiet beaches due to their comparably small size.  These smaller islands do have a generous amount of historic sights, however.  Kingstown for example is recognized for its colonial buildings and its several churches.  Canouan is popular for snorkeling and has a small community called Retreat Village where everyone lives.

The Grenadines are, as a whole, very rich in history and they also participate in the Carnival festival which is held across all of the Caribbean islands.  Each of the islands embraces a musical genre of some kind although standards like reggae, calypso and dancehall are generally widespread.  It’s common to see bands and musicians playing steel drums on the streets of the Grenadines on any given day.  Many popular artists also visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines to record new material or get inspiration for their next project so don’t be too surprised if you happen to catch a platinum selling artist lounging by the Grenadines beaches while brainstorming their next big hit.

The Grenadines offer a plethora of real estate opportunities. This chain of over 600 islands has a diversity of property that ranges from waterfront mansions to secluded islands for rent or for sale. The Grenadines has property in developed cities with hotels, casinos and restaurants along with completely uninhabited islands waiting to be built on by adventurous investors.

There are affordable hilltop mansions in Bequia with wraparound balconies, five bedrooms, pools, Jacuzzis and waterfront views. There are also three story homes in Grenada with 7,000 square-feet with two wraparound balconies on the top levels with beautiful views. These properties are in ideal locations and have a lot of potential in terms of real estate investment.

One of the most promising types of available real estate in the Grenadines is vacant land. The Grenadines is also considered one of the last places explored in terms of tourist interest in the Caribbean making it fresh and new.

Some of the best rental property in the Caribbean comes in the form of resort-style real estate. Whether they're oceanfront condos, rental homes in resort communities or townhomes the Grenadines has it all. One of the most popular hotels, The Palms, offers amenities such as two restaurants, two bars, outdoor pool, tennis court, fitness room and laundry services. Other resorts include Petit St. Vincent Resort, Raffles Resort, the Cotton House and Frangipani, each offering amenities and features that enhances the Caribbean experience in the Grenadines.

The Frangipani


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Tennis court
  • Boating
  • Nearby dive shop
  • Private yacht charter
  • Room service
  • Babysitting
  • Laundry service

Raffles Resort


  • Four restaurants
  • Four bars
  • Giant outdoor pool
  • Children's pool
  • Casino
  • Eighteen hole golf course
  • Four tennis courts
  • Fitness center

The Cotton House


  • Two restaurants
  • Three bars
  • Outdoor pool
  • Two tennis courts
  • Exercise room
  • Spa

Palm Island


  • Two restaurants
  • Two bars
  • Outdoor pool
  • Tennis court
  • Fitness room
  • Fishing
  • Marina

  • Basil's Beach Bar- Seafood cuisine
  • Frangipani- Caribbean cuisine
  • Jambu's- Chinese cuisine
  • Le Petit Jardin- International cuisine
  • The Restaurant at Firefly- French cuisine

The East Caribbean dollar (XCD) is the official currency of the Grenadines.


Calling Code: (784)
Top Level Domain: (.vc)
Cable providers: The Grenadines have cable, wireless and Karib Cable.

The Grenadines are a commonwealth of England. Their government is run by a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

Passport requirements:
Passports: Required
Valid Travel Documents: Required upon exit and entry
Government Issued Photo ID: Required

The Grenadines have a tropical climate with little seasonal temperature variation. The rainy season is from May to November.

Language: English

Tips when you get there:

There are no long haul flights into the Grenadines so visitors must fly to a neighboring island and take a prop plane to St. Vincent then ferry over to their desired Grenadine island. Visitors can also travel to the Grenadines via cruise line or personal watercraft. Taxis are a reliable form of transportation for visitors on Bequia or Union Island. Many of the islands are small enough that mass transit is not necessary. If visitors want to island hop, ferries travel daily to and from islands like St. Vincent, Canouan, Mayreau and Bequia.

What to do

The Grenadines is composed mostly of small isolated islands, but some of its more heavily populated islands boast a variety of activities and interesting locations. Bequia, Canouan, Union Island and Mustique all have restaurants, shops and an active nightlife The Grenadines is also known for its quality fishing which is an integral part of their economy and strongly appeals to boaters and yachters. Canouan and Bequia both have annual regattas that bring boating enthusiasts from all around the world to compete in Caribbean boat races.

The neighboring island of St. Vincent has a multitude of activities from the Carnival celebrations to the Nine Mornings Festival which is a Christmas celebration that goes on for over a week and attracts thousands of visitors a year. When it comes to activities in the Grenadines, it's their lack of rambunctiousness that creates such a great appeal. Isolated beaches and quiet natural settings create ideal locations for a Caribbean beach getaway.

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