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Caribbean Island of Jumby Bay


Just off the coast of the Caribbean island of Antigua barely two miles away is Jumby Bay Island, a massive 250+ acre land mass formerly known as Long Island.  Its former moniker comes from the perception of the island having an unusually extended shape since it almost appears to connect with a nearby uninhabited island which also stands alone.  Jumby Bay and its namesake resort earned their current name in the late 1980s and are named after the unseen spirits called “jumbies” (friendly ghosts) which, per Antiguan and Caribbean folklore, are said to inhabit the bodies of locals and inspire them to dance.

Like many Caribbean islands, Jumby Bay Island was full of sugar plantations.  It also had a flint mine and eventually a sheep ranch which was used for wool export.  By the early 1980s development began on creating a colossal residential and resort community which everyone recognizes today as the Jumby Bay Resort.  Since its establishment Jumby Bay Resort has achieved worldwide recognition and attracts a hugely diverse array of people from the Latin countries of South America to Americans and Europeans.  The resort itself offers an abundant amount of different activities like kayaking, sports, sailing and fishing.  The staff is also recognized for being incredibly friendly.

Jumby Bay Island itself is worthy of a walkthrough.  It’s recognized as a sanctuary for endangered turtles, exotic birds, fascinating reptiles and the sheep that descended from the former plantations and ranches established several years ago.  It’s common to see many different types of people including local Antiguans walking along the coastline and the natural scenery since the island has a major airport nearby and also has boats coming back and forth from the island of Antigua.

The residential communities you’ll find in Jumby Bay Island are usually Mediterranean style villas owned by entertainers and world renowned figures. Jumby Bay is self-sufficient in that it purifies its own water, and generates its own power, and provides maintenance to the island’s homes, and provides its own security. It is the closest thing to a private nation. Isolated from the mainland and is a 5 minute private car ride form the airport, then a 7 minute island-owned ferry to Jumby Bay. Five star dining on island at the Jumby Bay Hotel, it has incredibly beautiful private, pristine beaches, water sports, and concierge services. Also, upon request there are private chefs available.

Jumby Bay Beach is a great spot to kick back, sunbathe and unwind near the Caribbean Sea while admiring the natural scenery.  Since the mainland of Antigua is only two miles away, there is lots to explore and plenty of culture to soak in.

Jumby Bay is an exclusive island off the coast of Antigua that is known for its privacy and the friendly, slow-paced lifestyle. This Caribbean private island has a tendency to keep visitors coming back year-after-year to experience the quiet and calm lifestyle with just enough tourist infrastructure to have every necessity conveniently available. The island's relatively small size means that every property is either directly on the water or within a short distance from the water.

Unlike many other secluded Caribbean Islands, Jumby Bay is only two miles from the major tourist destination of Antigua so getting to and coming from Jumby Bay is quick and painless. Though the island is close to Antigua it is incredibly private. Jumby Bay's seclusion attracts likeminded laidback Caribbean solitude-seekers that have developed a culture of courtesy and friendliness.

Real estate in Jumby Bay can most aptly be described as estates. With their lush landscaping, large parcels of land and beautiful designs from Mediterranean to Victorian, Jumby Bay real estate provides very private and exclusive Caribbean lifestyles which makes them popular Caribbean property to rent or buy. Jumby Bay beachfront estates can have around 10,000 square feet with six bedrooms, terracotta tiled floors, a watchtower, wraparound balcony, and mahogany fixtures. Landscaping in Jumby Bay is designed to promote privacy. Each estate has beautiful tropical trees that canvas the property and entryways decorated with beautiful orchid and exotic tropical flowers.

Jumby Bay offers other property options as well from resort-style Caribbean real estate to large plots of vacant land. There's great opportunity to purchase vacant land in Jumby Bay's inland and coastal areas. Jumby Bay resort, on 85 acres of land provides the same seclusion and privacy that makes its estates so popular. A great appeal of Jumby Bay Resort is the outstanding amenities such as free dining, open bar, concierge services, snorkeling, sail-boating, nightly movies, fitness center, resort bicycles and sunset cocktail cruises.

Jumby Bay Resort


  • Two restaurants
  • Three bars
  • Golf activities
  • Three tennis courts
  • Fitness center
  • Snorkeling
  • Sunfish sailboats
  • Water skiing and windsurfing
  • Bicycles
  • 24 hour room service
  • Babysitting

  • The Verandah - Mediterranean cuisine
  • The Estate House - International cuisine

The official currency of Jumby Bay is the East Caribbean dollar (EC$) which is at the exchange rate of US$1= EC$2.70.

Jumby Bay's telephone, cable and telex services are provided by Cable & Wiring Ltd.
Calling Code: 1 (268)
Top Level Domain: (.ag)
Cable providers: East Caribbean Fiber System (ECFS).

Jumby Bay belongs to Antigua, which is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. The government is headed by an appointed Governor General and has three branches: legislative, executive and judicial.   

Passport requirements:
Passports: Required
Valid Travel Documents: Required upon exit and entry
Government Issued Photo ID: Required

Antigua has a typical 80 degree tropical marine climate that has very little seasonal change.  

Religion: Christianity

Language: Standard English

Tips when you get there:

Getting to Jumby Bay is incredibly easy for a secluded Caribbean Island. Visitors must fly to Antigua's VC Bird International Airport and then just take a two mile ferry to Jumby Bay where you're often met by an island representative that will take you to your final destination. With the island only being 300 acres it's highly recommended to take a tour of the island upon arrival. 

What to do

Jumby Bay, being a private Caribbean island, provides visitors the opportunity to relax and enjoy the Caribbean experience. Whether residents are staying in a hotel or estate they can guarantee they will be undisturbed for their entire stay.

But if visitors are looking for more adventure and excitement while staying on their private island there are plenty of sights and activities to be experienced. Water sports are readily available in Jumby Bay from sailing to snorkeling. Kayaking around the island is a great experience as the majority of the scenery consists of untouched Caribbean beaches and nature.

And if residents are really feeling adventurous they can take the ferry back to Antigua and see traditional Caribbean festivals or go golfing on one of the many pro-golf courses. Antigua also offers many historic buildings to visit for enlightenment on the Caribbean history from forts to cathedrals.

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