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Caribbean Island of Barbados


Top notch beaches combine with a distinct culture to create a unique experience at the Caribbean island nation of Barbados.  Similar to the Bahamas, it’s one of the closer islands to the United States which has lead to it being one the favorites when it comes to Caribbean tourism, joining the ranks of other popular islands like Jamaica.  Today, Barbados has a number of five star hotels yet it’s still more of a destination for people who want to immerse themselves in the culture, sights and relaxation of Barbados, casinos are practically non-existent on the island.

Barbados is affectionately referred to as “Little England”, its official name comes from a Portuguese term meaning “bearded ones”.  Before it was given the peculiar name, the Arawak tribes that lived on the island referred to it as Ichirouganaim, itself a rather strange name.  Even to this day however, the debate over whether the name is derived from the bearded fig trees or the bearded Caribs that once lived there is contested.  After the Portuguese drove the Carib tribes out of the island, they abandoned Barbados during the 1600s, allowing the British to claim ownership.  However, it wasn’t until the late 1960s that Barbados finally emerged as its own self governing nation.

The atmosphere, scenery and the beaches are mostly the reasons why people choose to visit Barbados.  The people practice many British and West Indian traditions and Barbados’ history remains prevalent throughout the island, making sightseeing tours one of the more popular activities.  Old plantations, small Caribbean villages and classic churches built in the 1700s can be visited on foot or by driving through Barbados.

It’s important to note that Barbados does have its small share of Caribbean nightlife near its southern coast so it’s certainly there for those wishing to indulge in some Barbados nightlife.  At the end of the day however, the beaches on the largely undeveloped western coast and the remote yet lush areas on the eastern coast remain the biggest draws.  The eastern side of the island is also where you’ll find many of the popular Barbados attractions like Farley Hill National Park and the Andromeda Botanical Garden.

The people of Barbados are known for being very friendly with foreigners and it’s not uncommon for a local to invite you for a cup of afternoon tea, a British tradition which Barbadians also practice.  Cricket is a very popular sport on the island and festivals (much like other Caribbean island nations) are frequently held throughout the year, the classic Crop Over festival being unique to Barbados.

Barbados is a Caribbean island that is known for its incredible residential property. Its available land, white sands and blue waters has inspired residential development that has created broad property types to choose from like villas, mansions, open lots and resorts all for rent or for sale. Consequently, a wide variety of Barbados beachfront property is available from two-bedroom holiday villas to six-bedroom mansions.

Property in resorts like Cobblers Cove, Sandy Lane and Villa Nova provide residents with attractive hotel amenities like luxury pools, room service, nearby restaurants and entertainment, laundry services and easy transportation in addition to residential features which in most cases include large terraces with outdoor seating and floor-to-ceiling windows displaying views of Barbados' famously clear blue waters. Additionally, the resorts offer beachfront lounging areas like cushioned chairs, hammocks and pavilions.  

Vacation villas on secluded beaches in Barbados offer the beachfront tranquility that has made Caribbean property so popular. Properties come with their own private beach space with plenty of room to lounge or walk the beach itself in absolute privacy. The properties themselves range from two-story 10,000 square foot mansions to 3,000 square foot villas. The larger homes tend to have a pool, patios and multiple bedrooms. The smaller Barbados beachfront properties have patios and one-to-two bedrooms.    

Barbados Island's long history with western culture has created a fusion of the Caribbean and European culture that makes visiting and staying in Barbados comfortable and convenient. Barbados homes usually have open-air designs to incorporate the profuse natural surroundings. Large balconies are common in resort areas as well as lounging areas on the beachfront.

Cobblers Cove Hotel


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • outdoor pool
  • lit tennis court
  • gym
  • snorkeling
  • water-skiing
  • windsurfing
  • room service

Sandy Beach Island Resort


  • 4 restaurants
  • 5 bars
  • outdoor pool
  • 3 golf courses
  • 9 tennis courts
  • fitness center
  • health spa

The House


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • outdoor pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • airport limousine
  • room service

Villa Nova


  • Restaurant
  • 2 bars
  • Pool
  • golf privileges
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • room service

  • Carambola - French cuisine
  • Daphne's - Italian cuisine
  • Il Tempio -Italian cuisine
  • La Mer - International cuisine
  • Mango's by the Sea - International cuisine
  • The Cliff - International cuisine

The official currency of Barbados is the Barbados Dollar (B$)

Calling Code: 1 (246)
Top Level Domain: (.bb)

Barbados is a Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy with a Governor General and Prime Minister acting as the heads of state.  

Passport requirements:
Passports: Required
Valid Travel Documents: Required Exit/Entry
Government Issued Photo ID: Required

Daytime temperatures are in the 75°F to 85°F (24°C-29°C) range throughout the year.

Religion: Christianity

Language: English

Tips when you get there:

Barbados has an international airport (Grantley Adams International Airport), but you may also arrive by personal watercraft. Upon arrival the cheapest form of transportation is by bus, but taxis are also available. There are no major international car rental franchises there, so you'll have to look up a local company if you want to rent a car. Sightseeing tours are available by boat, taxi or bus. 

What to do

From museums and gardens to beaches and restaurants, Barbados has a well rounded list of things to do while enjoying your stay.  Beaches remaining sunny year-round provide a constant venue for relaxation and blue waters filled with exotic marine life makes diving and snorkeling particularly favorable. Barbados also hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, creating opportunities for unique experiences in cultural immersion no matter when you choose to visit.

Barbadian dining options are plentiful and offer great natural settings for all types of restaurants. The Carambola, a French restaurant in Barbados, allows visitors to dine on terraces that have panoramic views of the Caribbean waters and the Barbados landscape.

Barbados has a tranquil beach culture that livens up during its annual festivals.  Events like The Crop-Over Festival, probably Barbados' most popular event, energizes the island nation as costume adorned Barbadians parade through the streets for three weeks in mid-July. There are festivals and events held every month to ensure visitors have the opportunity to see Barbadian culture at its peak at all times.

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